Cait / 2003 / She/they


email: [email protected]


Hi! You may address me as Cait/Lap/Lapstle!
I'm an aspiring artist from Malaysia who has an interest in the field of illustration and character design.

On Twitter and Instagram I mainly post content related to personal work and fanarts of certain fandoms with their respective tags.

Such fandoms I am currently invested in are:

-Genshin Impact
-Cookie Run

Feel free to browse if you fancy!

frequently asked questions

What paint software do you use?
Currently I use Clip Studio and Medibang!

What device do you use/work on?
At the moment I'm using a XP PEN Deco Fun (s) or a Wacom Intuos CTH-690 with an Acer Swift 3 laptop.

What brushes do you use?
My mains are Flat Brush, Round Brush, G pen, and Fluffy Pastel on Medibang. I'm still exploring CSP brushes!

May I repost your art?

May I use your art as an icon/header?

May I use your art in edits?
Using my art in any form requires my permission first. When granted please state credit in captions or descriptions!

May I translate this comic/piece?
You are welcome to! As long as permission is asked first and credit is given!

Are trades open?
I usually save trades for close mutuals, but I rarely ever do trades.

Are commissions open?
Please check out the commissions section! I would also mention in my bios or make a public announcement whenever they open!

Terms and conditions

  • General

  • Commissions are first come first serve of the slots available.

  • If the commissioner requests I can send progress sketches of the work.

  • Finished work will be sent as a 300-600dpi png files to the email address provided. (watermark and non watermark ver.)

  • You can use the finished commission for personal uses only (not for profit or reselling); if you would like to post or share it, please ensure that proper credit is given!

  • I retain all rights over the finished artwork, however I will ask for the commissioner's consent if I want to share it publicly.

  • I have the choice to decline any commission that I think is not within my skill level or something I'm uncomfortable with.


  • Humanoids

  • Mech

  • Animals (Feral)

  • Creatures

  • Furries

  • Fanart


  • NSFW

  • anything with suggestive themes

  • overly saturated gore

  • hateful art over any group

  • anything with too straining neon colours

  • Payment

  • Currently I only use paypal for payment transfers. Paypal to send payment to: [email protected]

  • I can only get the green light to start on a commission once the full payment is received. However if the commissioner is uncomfortable with that they may request to pay 50% of the total upfront and the remaining 50% once it is finished.

  • Time

  • Please allow up to 1 week to 2 months after payment for completion. If I find that I will take longer than the given period of time, I will notify the commissioner beforehand.

  • Refunds

  • Full refunds are only valid before I have started a significant amount. If I am halfway or 3/4 done, a partial refund can be given depending on how much I have completed.

  • Requested edits

  • I'm able to do tweaks and edits of the final piece as the commissioner requests, but drastic changes may require an extra fee with the amount depending on the level of complexity.

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